South Meridian, Idaho

43° 33.05' N | 116° 21.16' W | 2687 feet | Show on map

Station Information

08/03/2021 02:55:00 PM MDT

Station: WeatherFlow
Software: WeeWX v4.5.1
Weewx uptime: 27 days, 18 hours, 19 minutes
Server uptime: 27 days, 18 hours, 5 minutes

About the Station

Weather data from a WeatherFlow Smart Weather Station which is located about 5 miles south-southeast of Meridian, Idaho, is sent to this website every minute. This is a personal weather station which has been running since August 30, 2018. The station provides the following weather data:

Wind Speed and Direction
Rain and rain intensity
Barometric Pressure
Solar Radiation
Lightning Strikes and distance

Data is also sent to:
cwop CW9009 on CWOP (every 10 minutes)
APRSFI CW9009 on APRS FI (every 10 minutes)
C9009 C9009 on Mesowest (every 10 minutes)
KIDMERID85 KIDMERID85 on Weather Underground (every 60 seconds)
4952 39825 on WeatherFlow (every 60 seconds)
Weathercloud Century Farm Weather on Weathercloud (every 10 minutes)
OpenWeather MERIDCF001 on OpenWeather (every 10 minutes)
Windy Station C9009 on (every 10 minutes)

Daily rain and snowfall observations are taken near the WeatherFlow Station. This data is available here:
CoCoRaHS ID-AD-45 on CoCoRaHS (daily around 700 AM LT).
CoCoRaHS Meridian 4.8 SSE on NCEI from CoCoRaHS site ID-AD-45 (updated a few times a week)

WeeWX v4.5.1 using the weatherflowUDP driver
Font Awesome icons used in the template.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Wyze Cam V2
4" Rain Gauge

Site Code

This web site uses the Sofaskin template for WeeWX, designed by Sven at Neoground. Sofaskin is a custom skin modelled from Google's Material Design that uses Bootstrap to display the weather data. I made a variety of functional changes to the original Sofaskin code which is available on GitHub. My Sofaskin-CW9009 skin needs an additional python script,, which was adapted from another skin,, to generate the history tables. I have also incorporated some changes in this template by Bjorn Torkelsson. The code for the web page skins and python script is available from the web sites below.

Original Sofaskin template from Neoground:

My Sofaskin-CW9009 template:
Github Repository

Dajda template for code:
Dajda Github Repository

Previous site location and Data

This station was located in Northwest Meridian for over 10 years. Information on this site is available here.